Thesis on hepatitis b virus

The most common transmission agents for the virus are semen and saliva. Salud Publica De Mexico 45 3: Also, there was a higher prevalence of HBV in paid blood donors compared to voluntary blood donors. HBV also poses a risk to healthcare workers who sustain accidental needle stick injuries while caring for infected-HBV patients.

The conclusion must hold promise The conclusion of the research study needs to show that- there is a scope for future development. This may be due to the high exposure rate of motorists and traders to multi-sex partners. You can take it as a liquid or tablet. The fact that HBV infection can lead to hepatocellular carcinoma HCCliver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis which are deadly diseases should be of public health concern to all nations of the world.

This may be as a result of restriction of women to their houses which reduced the chances of being involved in activities that predispose to infection like tattooing, multipartner sex practice, health care services.

Read them carefully to understand the technique. While all cause liver disease, they vary in important ways. Knowledge and Versatility Whether you need basic "Hepatitis B" research at master-level, or complicated research at doctoral-level, we can begin assisting you right now! In very high percentage of study participants, 9.

Moreover, our study revealed that married participants were infected more than singles though they are equally exposed to HBV. A common recommendation is that a liver biopsy should be taken if the blood test indicates chronic hepatitis B What I need to know about Hepatitis B In terms of prevention a vaccine has been available since and has been found to be "…ninety-five percent effective in preventing HBV infection and its chronic consequences…" Hepatitis B: They only find out through a blood test.

According to WHO classification for hepatitis B virus endemicity, areas with 8. Global distribution of hepatitis B. Certain sex practices can also spread HAV. Strong association between HBV infection and socio-demographic parameters such as age, occupation, sex, risk factors, educational level, socioeconomic class etc.

Long-acting interferon, peginterferon alfa2a PegasysPegasys Proclick can also help.

Understanding Hepatitis B

You may also incorporate some keywords from the main body here. It treats liver inflammation. Hepatitis A virus HAV is present in the faeces of infected persons and is most often transmitted through consumption of contaminated water or food.

Shiraz E-Medical Journal 5 2: You should also get the shot if you: If you do get sick, your doctor may put you on bed rest to help you get better faster. Majority of these donors are paid, many of them are addicted to intra-venous drug administration IVDA and their chances of being infected are quite high leading to transmission of HBV infection to recipients.

In order to write an excellent research study, you must pick up an interesting topic first. Other areas that are noted for the high level of chronic and serious hepatitis B are the southern parts of eastern and central Europe. Hepatitis E virus HEV is mostly transmitted through consumption of contaminated water or food.

It also lowers your white blood cell count, which makes it harder to fight off infection. The theme of the document should be such as- it can cater to the wide base of readers. It comes as a liquid or tablet you take once a day. How Is It Treated? High doses can cause kidney problems.

Transmission may also occur through transfusions of HBV-contaminated blood and blood products, contaminated injections during medical procedures, and through injection drug use. Check with your doctor before taking any other drugs, herbal treatments, or supplements.

However, it is higher than the prevalence of 3. Lastly, a great academic investigative piece should follow a proper format, grammar and lucid language to the T. One variable that is alarmingly consistent is that the age that a person becomes infected usually determines the severity and the chronic nature of the infection.

WHO Other factors that affect the chances of being infected by the chronic form of the virus are: Sexual transmission is also possible, but is much less common. WHO It is also interesting to note that most of the adults who are infected with the hepatitis B virus recover completely within a period of six months.

Also, eat a healthy diet.hepatitis b virus infection among antenatal clinic attendees at the muhimbili national hospital, seroprevalence and associated factors by dr sabria rashid. The nature of the disease: Hepatitis B is irritation and swelling (inflammation) of the liver due to infection with the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

The cause of the disease: Hepatitis B virus, abbreviated HBV, is a species of the genus Orthohepadnavirus, which is a part of the Hepadnaviridae family. institute of biochemistry of the romanian academy phd thesis summary mechanism of hepatitis b virus proteins degradation scientific coordinator: phd candidate.

Continued Hepatitis B and Pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, you might pass the virus to your baby at birth. It’s less likely to happen during your pregnancy. If. Hepatitis B is the known as the most serious of the common liver infections in the world.

It is estimated that approximately million people are chronic carriers of HBV or the hepatitis B virus in the world and of these more thandie from liver-related disease each year. - HEPATITIS B VIRUS Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is a virus that attacks the liver.

The virus is transmitted through blood and bodily fluids. This can occur through direct blood-to-blood contact, unprotected sex, use of contaminated needles, and from an effected mother to her newborn during the delivery process.

Thesis on hepatitis b virus
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