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Superheroes and split[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. During the X Factor Live tour the pair confirmed that their intended debut single was a cover of The same difference Breaking Free " from High School Musicalwhich they had performed in the live shows of The X Factor.

The track reached number 29 on the UK iTunes dance singles chart, and amassed overstreams on Spotify. The Duo are now represented solely The same difference Heights Management. The course begins in October in Portsmouth. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

On 24 December Same Difference broke the news that they had disbanded but were still considering as to whether to release their third and final album, Superheroes.

Later it was covered in Japanese by the group Wink. They also played a solo one-off concert in Portsmouth. The single is produced by Matt Pop and will be released on 16th August The song was originally recorded by Kylie Minogue for her first album and was released in Japan where it was Number 1 for 10 The same difference.

This was to give them the chance to work with a variety of writers and producers including Mike Stock and Pete Waterman and some of the writers behind Leona Lewis and High School Musical.

One of the new tracks recorded for the album and a potential single[ needs update ] is a cover of the Stock Aitken Waterman -penned hit " Turn It Into Love ". Same Difference co-headlined the joint tour at Ipswich and Birmingham.

It was announced in The Sun on 3 April that Same Difference had been dropped by record label Syco following disappointing sales of their debut album a month after a similar fate befell Leon Jackson. In December Same Difference announced on their Facebook Group the launch of their new-look website, [14] sporting a quirky new look.

Hazell Dean released it in the UK inwhere it reached number It became the labels fastest selling physical single, and the music video amassed over 26, views in its first 3 weeks of release.

Instead, the duo decided to co-headline a date joint tour with fellow X Factor graduate Leon Jackson. June Learn how and when to remove this template message In spring Same Difference confirmed they had begun recording their third album, they stated that they had matured and a new sound would feature on their new album.

The tracks were recorded in Poland in early March Fire has amassed overstreams on Spotify. They switched on the Christmas lights in Burton upon Trent in November Another of the new tracks recorded for their debut album, "I Need A House", was previously recorded by Swedish popstar Marie Serneholt and released as a single in On 10 SeptemberSame Difference announced on their Facebook and Twitter pages their "Same Difference Pop Academy", a course on singing and dancing for young fans.Same Difference were an English bubblegum pop duo from Portsmouth, England, made up of siblings Sean Smith and Sarah Smith.

They came to prominence in when they finished third in the fourth series of the ITV talent show, The X Factor. No difference at all, the same thing, as in She's my sister, or stepsister-same jocular colloquial phrase dates from about Same difference is an idiomatic oxymoron [Oxford Dictionary Online].

It effectively means. Whether these two choices are the same or different is immaterial to me. SUPPLEMENT. The Urban Dictionary defines it as follows: Another way of saying "whatever". The Same Difference documentary · November 24, · Queer people of color groups in PHILLY reach out to [email protected] for an opportunity in.

THE CHANNEL IS ALL ABOUT "THE SAME DIFFERENCE" it is a positive community geared toward individuals (NOT ONLY LESBIANS) but.

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Another way of saying "whatever". It is often confused with "same thing", but you're really saying "OK, I admit that they're not the same thing, but they're not different enough for me to really care about it." Often shortened to same diff.

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