The choice of high paid athletes in donating to charities

The one most closely linked to him is the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, which seeks to provide educational and recreational opportunities for at-risk youths, and the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, which.

Or were you really in the business of promoting a charity and raising money for a charity? Manning has also supported the Red Cross in his charitable efforts.

People paint their faces. Oh, it was advertised that way on his website. People wait in line for hours to get an autograph. Berger, the charity watchdog expert, said he would give the charity a "zero rating" for its finances, because Charity Navigator expects nonprofits to spend a minimum of 66 percent on actual charitable work.

Go sort vegetables at the local food bank or visit someone in a nursing home. Why would you be any more likely to trust their judgment on charity any more than you would on politics or religion or anything other than the sport they play?

President Bart Collins said the shootout follows the same model as other PGA Tour events, where the biggest expenses are prize money and the cost to get the event on television, which are necessary to attract players, sponsors and fans.

Using guidelines set by nonprofit watchdogs Charity Navigator, the Better Business Bureau and the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, "Outside the Lines" found that 74 percent of the nonprofits fell short of one or more acceptable nonprofit operating standards.

While he said the percentage "Outside the Lines" found as problematic is in line with what Charity Navigator sees among all charities, athletes and other celebrities -- with their resources and name recognition -- should be held to a higher standard because they have the ability to do better.

The implications of poorly run charities are large, said Ken Berger, president of Charity Navigator, a firm that monitors and grades charities.

Athlete charities often lack standards

The report is important for many reasons. Whether the athlete knows about the deception is immaterial. If you have given or are planning to give to one of these charities, the OTL report on the fraud and inefficiency inherent in the vast majority of charitable foundations linked to athletes should change your mind.

News reports at the time mentioned little kids sending the foundation coins from their piggy banks. He also helped found Athletes for Hope alongside several fellow athletes. Davis formed a company called LA Stars to run the event in and In other words, why would you write a check to a cancer-research charity -- or, more correctly, an alleged cancer-research charity -- fronted by Lamar Odom instead of writing one to a longstanding, reputable charity?Watch video · Athletes use charities as shields -- nobody wants to question someone's motives, especially if they attach the charity's goal to the eradication of a disease that caused the death of a family member.

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Do homework before giving

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InNewman’s Rising Stars Foundation paid Icon $50, more than the $50, it contributed to its mission of providing college scholarships to student-athletes. NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation is the nation's leading advocate for reproductive freedom, and was formed in to provide a policy and educational complement to our sister organization NARAL Pro-Choice America's work fighting for a woman's right to choose if and when to have children.

Experts say pro-athlete sports charities could do better

Athletes and Their Charities. November 25, donating the winner's check to the Foundation each time. which has raised more than. (Follow America's Charities on Twitter (@AmerCharities), Facebook and LinkedIn for interesting charity statistics and facts). To help you get started in your search for quality charities to support, we've displayed a handful of America's Charities' amazing charity members in the sidebar to the right.

The choice of high paid athletes in donating to charities
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