The causes and effects of synthetic

Compounds used in Spice have also caused rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, vomiting and confusion. One woman who injected bath salts into her forearm lost the arm and her shoulder, breast and other tissue when a flesh-destroying infection set in.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that, inmale high school seniors were twice as likely as female students to use synthetic marijuana. Causes and Risk Factors for Synthetic Marijuana Abuse The complicated nature of synthetic drugs and the chemical compounds that they are derived from leads researchers to believe that more research must be done in order to provide more conclusive results regarding the causes and risk factors that make individuals more vulnerable to developing an addiction to these types of substances, including synthetic marijuana.

These chemicals are called cannabinoids because they are similar to chemicals found in the marijuana plant. Research on national statistics regarding use of the drug and still being conducted. Those who died have manifested agitation, hyperthermia abnormally high body temperaturefoaming at the mouth and cardiac arrest.

Those who reside in areas in which chaos and stress are common have an increased risk for abusing K2. It is commonly known that addiction in general has a strong genetic component because The causes and effects of synthetic addiction runs in families.

This has been the pattern of the game as a long list of new drugs have been distributed across Europe, the UK and the US. Causes and Risk Factors for Synthetic Marijuana Abuse Most occurrences of substance abuse stem from a blend of genetic and environmental influences, including the following: Despite the previously mentioned federal ban, recent reports have been consistently popping up showing the tragic results that this potent substance can have on its users.

As is true for any substance, once a person has begun experimenting with synthetic marijuana, he or she is at risk for developing an addiction to the drug. It is always a good idea to undergo formal evaluation of your specific substance abuse situation and any related issues by an addiction treatment professional, who will then help make the recommendation for the type of treatment that will be most beneficial.

One individual may use this drug and achieve the desired high, while another can take only one hit and instantly fall into a coma. These drugs were distributed on small fragments of paper, like LSD has been.

The listed behavioral, physical, cognitive, and psychosocial symptoms suggest synthetic marijuana abuse is happening and that treatment is needed to prevent further harm from being caused: Easy access and the belief that synthetic cannabinoid products are "natural" and therefore harmless, have likely contributed to their use among young people.

The high that individuals receive from using this drug begins immediately after the substance enters the brain and typically lasts for hours. In its purest form, the synthetic chemical compounds that K2 is composed of are either oil or solids.

Further research is needed regarding the use and abuse of synthetic marijuana as this substance is becoming a widespread epidemic among young people.

Despite the federal ban placed on the substance inthe production and distribution of synthetic marijuana seems to have only increased. As a whole, this category of drug is known for its unpredictable effects. Some people use this drug because it could not be detected on a drug test, but this is no longer true.

Synthetic cannabinoids are human-made mind-altering chemicals that are either sprayed on dried, shredded plant material so they can be smoked or sold as liquids to be vaporized and inhaled in e-cigarettes and other devices. Between January and June of alone, poison centers throughout the United States reported receiving nearly cases of synthetic marijuana exposures.

In Junea woman in Munnsville, New York began beating and choking her three-year-old child in a parking lot. The following are a few examples of symptoms that have been reported in those who abuse synthetic marijuana: Between January and June ofreports were provided by poison centers throughout the U.

The resulting health effects can be unpredictable and dangerous. Individuals who have suffered from various forms of trauma or abuse are also more likely to use substances as a way to numb themselves from their emotional pain and inner turmoil.

So far, there have been few scientific studies of the effects of synthetic cannabinoids on the human brain, but researchers do know that some of them bind more strongly than marijuana to the cell receptors affected by THC, and can produce much stronger effects.

Despite this ban, however, the production, distribution, and use of synthetic marijuana continues to be widespread. Now, international chemists seem to have discovered this new market and are distributing one new destructive chemical after another into the illicit drug market.

It has also been associated with heart attacks. Meaning that you never really know what toxic substances you are putting into your body.

Causes and Effects of Synthetic Marijuana Abuse

However, manufacturers try to sidestep these laws by changing the chemical formulas in their mixtures. The American Association of Poison Control Centers AAPCC says that poison control centers in the country have documented more than 18, cases that include synthetic marijuana, which breaks down to an average of 4, cases each year.

Addiction in general has a strong genetic component, as substance addiction is known to run in families. Effects of Withdrawal and Overdose Synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 and spice has recently been gaining a lot of media attention with the reports of hospitalizations, overdoses, and even deaths that have been occurring as a result of using this substance.

One aspect that makes this substance particularly worrisome is that no one knows for sure what the chemical compounds actually consist of. Paranoia and violent, aggressive tendencies have resulted in assaults, murders and suicides. The most common way to use synthetic cannabinoids is to smoke the dried plant material.However, synthetic marijuana (which is also known as K2 or Spice) can cause more unpredictable effects that are more severe and can last for longer.

Effects of Synthetics

Because there is not one specific formula for synthetic marijuana, users cannot know what substances they are abusing or what the effects might be. Causes & Risk Factors of Synthetic Marijuana Addiction Experts on addiction believe that there are a number of causes and risk factors that make a person more susceptible to abusing synthetic marijuana.

Effects of synthetic marijuana withdrawal: Should a person use and/or abuse K2 over a long period of time, it is likely that that individual will experience symptoms of withdrawal after ceasing his or her use of this harmful substance. Synthetic marijuana, often called “Spice” or “K2” is often advertised as natural yet it is anything but, and is effects can be severe and even deadly.

Effects from synthetic drugs can totally destroy a person's life. Here are some of the synthetic drugs and their effects and how you can help a person to overcome their addiction. Effects of Synthetic Marijuana Use Since synthetic marijuana is still a fairly new drug, the DEA is still not entirely sure of the long-term side effects and health risks.

However, the most devastating effect of spice is sudden, untimely death.

The causes and effects of synthetic
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