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Roughly rectangular in shape, about kilometer long and about kilometer wide, Nepal is the third biggest country in South Asia, with an area ofsquare kilometer of land. Argument essay outline example learn about essay outline format and essay outline structure, review essay outline template, essay outline sample and.

Maitlhili, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Tharu, Danuwari and Majhi are the second group of languages belonging to Indo-European language subgroup, which are spoken by the people residing in the Terai. The Indo-Aryans predominantly inhabit the western part of Nepal. Ethnicity and Caste Nepal is a nation said to be "materially poor but culturally rich".

Generally, the selection process will take place in early December, and the recipient of the award will be notified by the end of the year. Although a process of political reforms began in following a communist movement against the absolute monarchy but the real democracy was established in the country after elections.

Essay On Struggle For Democracy In Nepal

The Gurungs, Limbus, Sherpas, Sunwars, Santhals and Thakalis are small in number accounting for one to two per cent each of the population. Two major ranges of hills, commonly known as the Mahabharat Lekh and Siwalik Range or Churia Rangeoccupy the region.

The country became a federal republic on May 28, after the passage of a bill from the parliament. The Madhsias, on the other hand, belong to the culture of the plains, that is, the culture of the Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The region is sparsely populated, and whatever farming activity exists is mostly confined to the low-lying valleys and the river basins, such as the upper Kali Gandaki Valley.

The Mountain region or Parbat is situated at 4, meters or more above sea level to the north of the Hill Region. The incident further strengthened the communist movement in the country for democracy as the royal family had virtually lost its control over the state.

They generally practice Buddhism. The movement gathered more strength day-by-day. InKing Birendra had agreed to reforms in the political system of the country and a parliamentary monarchy was introduced with Kings as head of the state while prime minister was regarded as head of the government.

Essay on the Democracy in Bhutan. I almost needed to value it the the way you essay a roller coaster over again because it goes too fast but with all of the friendship we spend on studying and. They have a high rate of literacy.

Like the other people of the hills, the hill Hindus speak Nepali and share hill culture, but the Terai Hindus speak one of the dialects of Hindi and are under the influence of the culture of the plains.

Nepal is very mountainous and hilly. The major factor contributing to the increase of population is high birth rate, decline in the infant mortality rates and increase in the average life expectancy.

2006 democracy movement in Nepal

Initially the movement did not aim at ending monarchy or at clipping the wings of the King. It could also decide whether Nepal should remain a monarchy or become a democracy.

People identified as Hindus decreased from Those living in the north practice Buddhism while those in the south have adopted Hindu practices. Due to its confined geographical position, Nepal is almost totally dependent on India for transit facilities and access to the sea-that is, the Bay of Bengal.

However, for many minorities and ethnic groups, language has become a powerful means to achieve their political ends - to have a due share in the central decision making process.

Both the royal family and the Ranas, who ruled Nepal for more than a hundred years, are of the Chhetri caste. As a result of rapid population growth, there has been a progressive deterioration of the ratio of people to cultivable land.

The government has recognised some languages such as Hindi, Newari, Gurung, Ljmbu, and Gorkha as national languages. With the introduction of democracy, many ethnic and minority religious groups have started asserting their group identities.

Inthe National Education Commission set up by the government recommended the use of Nepali as the medium of instruction in all schools.Essay on “Return of Democracy in Nepal” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Nepal, was among the 'third-wave' countries that experienced wonDemocracy In Nepal Essays - Free Essay Cases ACTIVITY FOR DEMOCRACY IN NEPAL- activity for democracy.

Insurgency in Nepal Advertising in Nepal After Talk on Democracy” ( Words) Dissertation on Democracy. In a nationally televised address, King Gyanendra reinstated the old Nepal House of Representatives on April 24, [2] [3] The King called upon the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) to bear the responsibility of taking the nation on the path to national unity and prosperity while ensuring permanent peace and safeguarding multiparty democracy.

Nepal is a land-locked country, surrounded by India on three sides and by China's Xizang Autonomous Region (Tibet) to the north. It is separated from Bangladesh by an approximately fifteen kilometre - wide strip of India's state of West Bengal, and from Bhutan by the eighty-eight kilometre-wide Indian state of Sikkim.

Essay About Democracy In Nepal

Media in Nepal after Democracy - Narendra Maharjan After the Restoration of democracy in B.S. a drastic change came in the Nepali Media particularly in the private sector.

Liberal provision and guarantee of press freedom enshrined in the constitution opened up avenues for the private sector to involve on media sector.

Short essay on the land and people of Nepal

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Short essay on democracy in nepal
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