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The main feeling which the director wanted to convey to the audience was that if they take a deep breath, they should be able to inhale all the dust and dirt and probably start coughing as a result, much like what happens in Rango essay deserts.

Rango the main hero of the movie acts out his passion for playing at the back seat of the car owned by his Rango essay [1]. In fact, aside from the slapstick action sequences and goofy misadventures of the title lizard, the vast majority of jokes, surrealistic dream sequences, Rango essay intelligently intricate dialogue seem geared for a more mature audience with a firm appreciation for the genre the film so meticulously spoofs.

She needed to be detailed and look pretty just like a leading lady of the movie. Although creating the look of traditional Western was one of the biggest challenges for both the animators as well as the director.

To depict the central theme of the movie some of the characters in the movie were made to look grotesque, like one model was a kid who had a mullet and belonged to the animal world of Dirt and looked very ugly [12]. Even the characters sitting inside the saloon appear darker, whereas the windows outside the saloon are bathing in light.

It has been found that for most of the animation movies, the director records all the lines or dialogues of the actors in empty sound studios where there is no other sound. That is how the saloon scenes appear to be darker whereas the scenes shot in the desert are flooding with bright light.

The arid desert spectrum is centre of attention and the western costumes are very much detailed.

However the theme of Rango is a bit different from the other counterparts of its genre although it is also have-fun-or-else cartoon movie by the anarchic and rambling tale is much more eccentric and crushingly gratifying too. There is a sly mixture of subtexts and characters which makes Rango over and above the rest animation movies.

Coyote and Carlos Castaneda [7]. Although it was quite difficult for the modellers to create the two main characters of the movie Rango and Bean and even the look developers had tough time to make them. All these motifs clearly show the fantasy world of Rango where deep rooted layers of deception exist.

Rango, the main hero of the movie who was suffering from identity crisis needed the right amount of detailing; just a little bit more of detailing would make him look crusty. At the same time even the Beans needed to look pretty although being a lizard.

The Wild western theme is best picturised by the main character Rango, a domesticated lizard with an active power of imagination and wears Hawaiian short. The fresh genre ecosystem is iconized in best possible manner bustling with desert animals. The yellow fish is the only friend he has in the cage [3].

Even the associate animation supervisor was found saying that the director wanted to be able to smell the typical desert like breath of all the characters in the movie.

Rango (2011)

With all these little detailing all the characters typically depicted where they are from. Even the mayor in the movie acts like John Houston from the movie Chinatown, but he does not act like a turtle [10]. The ugly characters and the varied techniques used by Gore Verbinski in the movie Rango are a perfect way to communicate the theme of the movie to the audience in right manner.movie analysis of rango based on theme Theme of the Movie Rango essay The wild animated movie ‘Rango’ by Gore Verbinski is a true assembly line of classic western themes.

Rango presents itself as a modern-day example of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey following each step through the departure, the initiation, and the return. The first section of the Campbell’s hero’s journey is the departure.

Below is an essay on "Rango" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Rango is very good and quite charming, but as he notes in the beginning of the movie: “The hero cannot exist in a vacuum! The 5 Themes in Rango The story of Rango has countless distinctive themes.

Some include the idea that every story needs a hero, xenophobia or fear of the strangers, that conflict is present due to scarce resources, control the water and you control everything, and people need to believe in something. Rango (the talking lizard) can represent some of the world’s most influential leaders; the mayor, who is a talking turtle, corresponds to the corrupted government of countries.


In a way, many of the themes in this movie relate to one another. “Rango” may be the typical fish-out-of-water protagonist trying to discover his own identity, but when transplanted into an old west town inhabited by miserly turtles, gun-toting rattlesnakes, and hillbilly varmints, all while plagued by intermittent surrealistic visions, profound metaphors, and pessimistic narration from an avian mariachi.

Rango essay
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