Punctuality and self discipline

Jim works his assigned schedule without complaint.

Importance of Discipline and Punctuality at Workplace

The same happens with our clients as well. Kelly is very prompt at the start of each work day.

Punctuality and discipline - the key traits of success

Discipline ensures individuals maintain silence at workplace and work as a single unit with their team members to achieve organization goals and objectives. I had made myself too busy to bother with good grooming except for special occasions, for Punctuality and self discipline, for going to church.

Be it school, office, or any other social engagement, sticking to time schedules is a must. With this said, Lenny is also one of our top employees for attendance and reliability.

Her break times are perfectly timed — she really sets the standard for attendance and punctuality on the team. Kylie is consistently on-time and runs a tight ship. Bill always ensures his employees adhere to their lunch schedules and breaks.

Attendance & Punctuality: Sample Performance Review Phrases

Such employees climb the success ladder quickly as compared to individuals who attend office just for the sake of it and they often find themselves out of the system in no time. Does this sound familiar?

This is what proper self-management is all about. Like our training sample performance review phraseswe categorized these phrases into positive and negative. Bill should improve this by keeping his meetings to their prescribed time.

Besides being a great team man, I was told he performs well for himself. Appropriate personal pride prohibits shabby performance.

Overweight people should be encouraged concerning appearance and health advantages of appropriate diet and trimness. Lenny demonstrates the secret to success is not who works the longest, but who works the smartest.

Then I started to realize how seldom I actually did dress up just to stay home and do housework. Most will respond to honest appreciation expressed for what has been done or honestly attempted rather than caustic slurs.

Personal pride is a great motivator.

What Is Self-Discipline - Definitions

Greg has a leisurely attitude when it comes to attendance. He manages to keep his employees on task and on schedule. Even personal health habits are generally improved by proper emphasis on temporal and eternal values rather than on condemnation and disgust.

Bill adequately manages his schedule and works well with the schedule set for him during the week. Being late for work affects those employees whose shifts are ending.A self disciplined person is more punctual, and invests more time and effort in what he or she does.

A self disciplined person is more likely to take control of his. Importance of discipline and punctuality at workplaces. by David Azzopardi November 09, Discipline and punctuality are two of the most important skills for any person.

Discipline and punctuality are two most essential traits required in a professional to be successful. Lets discuss in detail about the importance of discipline and punctuality at workplace. Punctuality in a person reflects his nature of following discipline.

If one is a stickler of time, more often than not he/she must be a well-organised person, having respect for others around, pays attention to details and is aware of the surroundings.

The Importance of Discipline By: Alexis Wagner June 14, The dictionary definition for discipline is “a branch of learning, training that develops self-control.” Discipline to me is a form of work that takes time; but, in the end works for your good. Punctuality And Discipline (Essay Sample) May 30, by admin Essay Samples, One of the indicators of discipline is punctuality, an aspect that largely defines and ties commitment and discipline to success.

It is expected that all individuals are self-motivated and that they will be at their desks before, say, 8 a.m. This clearly.

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Punctuality and self discipline
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