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It is based on artistic practices, methods, and criticality. Primary data is data collected specifically for the research, such as through interviews or questionnaires. The researcher s then analyzes and interprets the data via a variety of statistical methods, engaging in what is known as empirical research.

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If the research question is about people, participants may be randomly assigned to different treatments this is the only way that a quantitative study can be considered a Original research articles experiment. Non-Western methods Original research articles data collection may not be the most accurate or relevant for research on non-Western societies.

Avoid using book reviews as reliable sources for the topics covered in the book; a book review Original research articles intended to be an independent review of the book, the author and related writing issues than be considered a secondary source for the topics covered within the book.

If you log out, you will be required to enter your username and password the next time you visit. Wales, Jimmy 6 December Typically empirical research produces observations that need to be explained; then theoretical research tries to explain them, and in so doing generates empirically testable hypotheses; these hypotheses are then tested empirically, giving more observations that may need further explanation; and so on.

This process takes three main forms although, as previously discussed, the boundaries between them may be obscure: Influence of the open-access movement[ edit ] The open access movement assumes that all information generally deemed useful should be free and belongs to a "public domain", that of "humanity".

The key agreement here is the Declaration of Helsinki. Journal Article, November St. This may be factual, historical, or background research. The research question may be parallel to the hypothesis.

As such, it is similar to the social sciences in using qualitative research and intersubjectivity as tools to apply measurement and critical analysis. They offer as examples: Patricia Leavy addresses eight arts-based research ABR genres: May Peer review is a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field.

The hypothesis is the supposition to be tested. At the end, the researcher may discuss avenues for further research.

Archived from the original on 6 October University of Nevada, Reno Libraries. Click on the Search button to run your search. The results of the data analysis in rejecting or failing to reject the null hypothesis are then reported and evaluated.

A simple example of a non-empirical task is the prototyping of a new drug using a differentiated application of existing knowledge; another is the development of a business process in the form of a flow chart and texts where all the ingredients are from established knowledge.

Research ethics is most developed as a concept in medical research. Mathematics research does not rely on externally available data; rather, it seeks to prove theorems about mathematical objects.

Journal Article, January Pharmacodynamics of Meropenem and Imipenem The principal goal of antimicrobial therapy for infection is complete eradication of the pathogen as quickly as possible with the fewest adverse effects to the patient.Articles may not explicitly state that original research was performed or empirical data gathered, even if it was.

When viewing your results, look for indications that the author(s) conducted original research by reading article abstracts. "Review articles are often as lengthy or even longer that original research articles. What the authors of review articles are doing in analysing and evaluating current research and investigations related to a specific topic, field, or problem.

An "original" research article is a detailed account of research activity written by the scientists who did the research--not by someone else who is reporting on the research; it is a primary resource. Some instructors may refer to these as "scientific research" articles or as "empirical" research.

Original research is research that is not exclusively based on a summary, review or synthesis of earlier publications on the subject of research. This material is of a primary source character. The purpose of the original research is to produce new knowledge.

Intravenously Administered Levofloxacin in Men and Women Dosages may need to be adjusted for men vs women in order to achieve optimal drug efficacy while avoiding fluoroquinolone toxicity.

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Wikipedia articles must not contain original killarney10mile.com phrase "original research" (OR) is used on Wikipedia to refer to material—such as facts, allegations, and ideas—for which no reliable, published sources exist.

This includes any analysis or synthesis of published material that serves to reach or imply a conclusion not stated by the sources.

Original research articles
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