Need of a strengthened species act essay

Fish and Wildlife Service, which manages species on land and in freshwater, the rules and regulations of the Endangered Species Act are enforced.

Since environmental conservation and protection of endangered species goes along with other social issues, pointing out new prospects for ESA can deliver important results e.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This law is essential to present and future generations, although we may not realize it. These avenues in turn necessitate better means of addressing endangered species without ample consideration to existing standards related to policies Easton, December 28,marks the thirty fifth anniversary of the Endangered Species Act.

These figures prove that this The species called passenger pigeons was becaming extinct like many other species. It points out that the accounts for change only resulted to further degradation due to the loopholes associated with this mandate Miller and Spoolman, The recovery plan must indicate the target population number and the criteria to assess when the targeted population number is achieved.

It is important now for ESA to recognize all the reasons for the decline of species. Those historical grass land habitats have now been converted into farms, cities, plantations and interstate highways. In some ways, it has also been the most successful, despite the fact that its potential has not even been tapped due to decades of intransigence.

Both sides of this controversial debate agree the preserving plants and animals for future generations that are essential to the continuity of the human race, as well as other species.

Should the Endangered Species Act be strengthened

But the Endangered Species Act provides us with hope that we can not only slow these extinctions but also restore our native wildlife. A century ago people could see them in thousands or even in millions. Critically analyzing the issue, the value of expanding the ESA is one approach that can involve the government in efforts to address the problems of the environment.

The private sector undergo severe impacts if a decision is delayed resulting in a non issuance or non authorization of a permit. The data collection can be done by the agencies with a complete co-operation of the public. Contradicting Ideas of Development of ESA Proponents seek to establish new principles and avenues which can address the current trends of today.

Obviously, there were no laws to protect endangered species, resulting in the large scale destruction of the native habitat.

Need of a Strengthened Species Act

ESA needs an enhancement which would ensure that every decision taken and implemented is scientific. On the other hand, the contrasting perspective considers the abolishment of the ESA.

If even one species is lost forever, the entire food chain will be affected. Both sides of this controversial issue agree that there are ways that the act can be improved, but differ on those methods.

Despite attacks from right-wing think tanks, some members of Congress, extractive industry spokespeople, and Rush Limbaugh, more than three quarters of Americans support a strong Endangered Species Act. Thus the ESA should evolve itself to include sound since in order to avoid controversies.

As John Kostyack, who represents the National Wildlife Foundation, points out that the ESA has been so successful that is should be strengthened, not weakened. Issues of climatic change and global warmingThe Endangered Species Act and So Much More This activity will require you to take a close look at the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which establishes a program for conserving endangered and threatened species and their habitats.

For a full copy of the law, see the EPA website. Conclusion: The Endangered Species Act is a very important environmental law that should be strengthened in order to slow down the rapid species extinction that acts as our gene pool. I believe with the above recommendations and actions there would be felt a reduction in the requirement of compensating landowners for economic loss, which is.

Should the Endangered Species Act be Strengthened?

”-President Richard Nixon The Endangered Species Act of is one of the most popular and effective environmental laws ever enacted. It is a commitment by the American people to work together to protect and restore those species that are most at risk of extinction.

Need of a Strengthened Species Act. Filed Under: Research papers Tagged With: species. 4 pages, words The Essay on Protection Of Endangered Species It is important now for ESA to recognize all the reasons for the decline of species.

ESA would need still more responsible agencies to decide a few information in timely. Because of this law, many species’ habitats were saved by destruction and degradation from human activities, such as logging, real estate and other industry development, mining, and global warming.

“The Endangered Species Act is very important, because it save our native fish, plants, and wildlife from going extinct. Below is an essay on "Should Endangered Species Act Be Strengthened" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Summary The most powerful of all environmental protection laws, the Endangered Species Act (ESA), is under fire from two directions.

Need of a strengthened species act essay
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