My best holiday destination essay

Being a foodie myself, trying out English food is what I enjoyed the most. Malaysia is famous not only for Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Langkawi. Cycling is also an option for tourists. This time around, my third visit, I went there with my boyfriend and two friends.

The first time was packed with sightseeing activities. For example, the tea plantation, the strawberries park, the rose garden and also the herbs garden.

Though it is very hot there, but due to the sea we enjoy the cool breeze. Although I was exhausted, I fell in love with the beautiful Bali immediately.

Original architecture, familiarity with tropical flora and fauna, fascinating shopping, unusual, but delicious national cuisine will give unforgettable moments that will remain with everyone forever!

One of the most beautiful states of Southeast Asia, many-faced Malaysia gives an inquisitive traveler much more than a relaxed holiday in a tropical paradise. Soon after the tiger went back into the forest we started off again.

They are unique in their style, architecture, and histor y, awe-inspiring and lovely. Suddenly what I saw ahead of us rattled my bones.

Holiday Destinations in Malaysia Essay Sample

For the second visit, I spent less time on sightseeing and more time on relaxing. It is known far and wide for its beauty. Hours spent by splashing water on ourselves and it seems it is just the start of the day.

It has became one of the reason why Bali is in the list of my favourite holiday destinations.

There are many places to shop some exclusive designer clothes, trendy dresses and shoes et all. There are many interesting and beautiful holiday destinations in this country.

Why London is my favorite holiday destination?

We went to Jimbaran Beach to enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner. In Chilka red crabs and prawns are found.

The season starts right from October through February ending, December is kind of peak season with many tourists. The beach is surrounded by emerlad green sea and blanketed by sapphire blue sky.

It is also situated in Pahang. One can treasure more than their eyes can see as the beaches are full of foreigners who enjoy sunbathing and tanning their bodies, lying down and reading books for hrs together. It is simply breathtaking!

Bali is definitely a great place for holiday and it will be one of my favourite holiday destinations for many years to come. I have been to several beaches; some are similar, and some are unique and different, vary with water color, sand and crowd.

Essay about my holiday I will try to edit it for you. We went inside and saw many animals. Even buses are a good option. There were a few peacocks too. It has numerous tourist attractions and sight-seeing places to visit. We stayed in a two-bedroom villa, as there were four of us, and it was cheaper to share a villa.

We boarded a little bus and went inside the forest. Our guide told us that there might be some tigers or lions inside the jungle. It has a cool climate temperature, lushly greens and well-preserved colonial buildings.


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Jul 25,  · Why London is my favorite holiday destination? Posted on July 25, by Swati Avid Traveler. London for me is the best place to enjoy vacations whether you are traveling alone, with friends, family or kids.

Favourite Holiday Destinations: Bali, Indonesia

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Jun 25,  · Hello, can anybody check for me my essay, please. Two weeks ago I came back from holiday. I had gone to Turkey. The weather was great albeit I was imprisoned in the hotel for two days becouse of heavy rain.

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Why does Malaysia today attract people from the whole world so much? One of the most beautiful states of Southeast Asia, many-faced Malaysia gives an inquisitive traveler much more than a .

My best holiday destination essay
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