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And its unique Desmo system, powerful engines, Italian styling are what really makes it stand out. Ducati dedicates itself to keep developing its sport bikes with better design and powerful performance.

Motorcycle Industry in Thailand Market Research & Statistics

Value Ducati motor is known for its superior engineering, Italian heritage, slick design and an undeniable attraction for racing enthusiasts. The power of suppliers Motorcycles are composed by thousands of small pieces.

The power of suppliers The power of suppliers is similar to the whole motorcycle industry.

Motorcycle Manufacturers

In many rural areas, the motorcycle is still the main travel vehicle and production tool, which is generally low-end motorcycles with low maintenance cost. And with the changing lifestyle of Chinese people and improved living standards, Chinese people are more attracted to e-bikes and mini-cars.

And also they come up with various strategies to maintain their strengths. The expenses on product lines, marketing, research and development are too high that not everyone can bear. China ASEAN To understand and assess market opportunities and trends, the global motorcycles market report is categorically split into different sections based on market segmentation — by product type, technology and region.

The lower seating and a lighter weight of Ducati motorcycles make them also attractive for female riders. As a result, the performance, design, brands are factors that help distinguish from others. The sports bike, also called performance motorcycle, is characterized by forward seating and a lighter frame Motorcycle industry in thailand essay higher speed.

What are their main interests and how do they plan their trips? Although People choose motorcycles for several reasons, such as fuel efficiency, comfort and ease-of-use, its substitutes also have one or two similar reasons.

Threat of entry On a mature stage of life cycle, motorcycle industry is not so attractive for new competitors to come in.

People prefer these motorcycles as they are equipped with larger displacement engines and provide good fuel efficiency as compared to smaller displacement engines.

On the basis of product type, the global motorcycles market can be segmented into motorcycles and scooters.

Motorcycle Industry

Key Players Some of the key market participants reported in this study of the global motorcycles market include Bajaj Auto Ltd. For example, Ducati was outsourcing near 90 percent of its production to third parties based on cost effectiveness. Ducati complies differentiation strategy with high degree of value driver.

The company has a strong niche position in the global motorcycle industry with a group of highly skilled engineers. Declining Sales in the Traditional Motorcycle Market Inthe domestic motorcycle sales reached million, while later showing an overall decline.

In this segment, customers focus more on the brands rather than prices. Another thing is the price. And it is specially located in the very heartland of iconic automotive designers region — Emilia so that its Italian heritage and styling are hard for those non-Italian companies to duplicate.

To calculate the market size, the report considers the weighted average price of motorcycles based on the product type, such as motorcycles and scooters, across key geographies on a country basis. New Opportunities for the Market In the long run, e-bike and medium size motorcycle ml will be the future growth points in China.

The Ducati museum is one of the most important investments. This is one of the most powerful competitive advantages owned by Ducati. Because of its higher performance and luxury characteristic, it looks like only luxury brand automobile with outstanding performance could be considered as a real substitute for sports bike.

However, this led to chaos on management and operation later on. This was further divided into: With the rising trend of the industry 4. This push company within this industry to develop an innovative way to attract the consumer by means of leisure and entertainment function lines.

Organization Since the moment Minoli joined the company ininstead of trying to put a new strict organizational structure in place, he left the largely unstructured company alone to encourage creativity and teamwork. Though it takes them three years on average and costs 20 million euros to develop a motorcycle engine, the best quality and professional technology have been fully recognized by customers.

Two-wheeler sales in Thailand 2013-2017

But motorcycles customers do have their own unique reasons, such as an engineered method of transit and represented concepts of coolness, freedom, rebellion and desire, which lower threats of substitute to some extent. The second competitive disadvantage of Ducati is its narrow market area.

Why are an increasing amount of Chinese traveling abroad?

As a choice of transportation, motorcycles are facing great challenge from all other transportation sources.Automotive Industries in Thailand Essay. B. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. The automotive industry in Thailand is very concentrated with most of the factories located in the Samut Prakarn province (approximately 20 km south of Bangkok), followed by Rayong (approximately km south-east of Bangkok).

Motorcycle industry in. Two-wheeler sales in Thailand ; Motorcycle and scooter sales in Thailand from to (in 1, units) Motorcycle industry in the United Kingdom. 1 JVEC Workshop April 3 Motorcycle Industry in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia Kohei Mishima Ph. D. candidate Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University.

Ducati, an Italian company, has designed and manufactured motorcycles since - Motorcycle Industry introduction. As time passed by, the owner has changed and new strategies have been adopted. Starting from a small company opened by three Ducati brothers, Ducati now has become an obbligato in the motorcycle industry.

More Essay. 1 Motorcycle Industry in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia April 3 Japan-Vietnam Economist Club Kohei Mishima killarney10mile.comate Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University.

Motorcycle Market Research Reports, Analysis & Trends Motorcycles industry comprises companies that manufacture motorcycles. Motorcycles are .

Motorcycle industry in thailand essay
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