Millennium laser eye centers essay contest

Search Facebook and Twitter regularly for contests, or write your local Lasik clinics and ask when their next contest might be coming up--they may be impressed with your motivation and be more likely to consider your entry. That being said, some reputable Lasik clinics do use Groupon as a way to get their name out there and bring in new customers.

Most clinics offer a free consultation, and you want to be sure you are a viable candidate for the surgery before buying an expensive, sometimes non-refundable voucher. If you want to ditch your glasses, but are having trouble figuring out how to pay, consider these 4 tricks for getting free or discounted Lasik.

While I am not a doctor, I would agree that it is best to exercise extreme caution here! Some plans are even set up so you receive funds from your employer, so make sure to ask about this. Some reputable Lasik centers host yearly or quarterly contests, awarding winners free or drastically discounted Lasik surgery.

For me, it has been worth every penny I paid -- but I definitely wish I had looked deeper into my financial options before taking the plunge.

Your plan likely has supplemental eye insurance coverage that can help you receive vision correction surgery at a discount with a pre-approved provider, or will partially cover the procedure at a clinic of your choice.

Ask plenty of questions and get a consultation before purchasing your Groupon deal. This will also give you a chance to check out the facilities, meet the staff, and possibly speak to other patients who have undergone surgery at the clinic, since many do follow-ups at the same location.

Did I mention I have sensitive sinuses and get headaches from the pressure of heavy glasses, leaving me with pretty slim options for what types of glasses I can wear?

Millennium laser eye centers essay contest

Then, find a clinic that offers payment plans. Contests like this recent one from Hoopes Vision, often ask contestants to submit a video or essay detailing why they want Lasik and how it might change their life for the better. Unfortunately, I also have terrible vision Set up a monthly deduction from your paycheck that goes into the account, and plan to save enough for a sizeable down-payment.

If I am outside, I am happy. If you see a tempting Lasik deal on Groupon, do your research and look into the reviews, accreditation, and reputation of the clinic offering the discount.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. When you are as active as I am, this leaves you with two choices: With a decent deposit, you can usually get financed for a no-interest monthly payment that is affordable.Enter a Legitimate Contest often ask contestants to submit a video or essay detailing why they want Lasik and how it might change their.

Jun 04,  · LASIK surgeon Dr. Cory Lessner discusses when to return to your exercise schedule after Laser Eye Surgery. For more information about LASIK Vision Correction visit Millennium Laser Eye Centers.

Millennium Laser Eye Centers is committed to offering the most advanced vision correction procedures while providing the highest-quality care. Cory Lessner is one of the top LASIK surgeon in the country, see him perform LASIK Surgery live at the Millennium Laser Eye Centers in Fort lauderdale.

Dr. Cory M.

Four Clever Ways To Get Free Or Discounted Lasik Eye Surgery

Lessner and the professional Team at Millennium Laser Eye Centers are recognized as the LASIK Leader in the United States.

Our entire staff has over years of collective experience in the refractive surgery field, 18 years exclusively dedicated to corneal refractive eye surgery.

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Millennium laser eye centers essay contest
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