How to write a post arbitration brief

But some word processors do a lousy job e. Equations should be numbered sequentially. Name s of author s of chapter, name s of editor s of book, title of chapter, title of book, year of publication or "n. Make your decision on whichever looks best.

That is, the following would all be acceptable: Each reference should give the last names of all the authors, their first names or first initials, and, optionally, their middle initials. For instance, "Edlin and Reichelstein claim.

Excessively long footnotes are probably better handled in an appendix. If you desire a second font, for instance for headings, use a sans serif font e.

Begin the document with the introduction; a title page, including the abstract, will be added to your paper by the editors.

Footnote numbers or symbols in the text must follow, rather than precede, punctuation. A hyperlink to the article. Mathematics Roman letters used in mathematical expressions as variables should be italicized.

Symbols and notation in unusual fonts should be avoided. Word does a reasonable job. Single space your text. When possible, there should be no pages where more than a quarter of the page is empty space.

White now in its fourth edition is the "standard" guide, but other excellent guides e. Whenever possible, subscripts and superscripts should be a smaller font size than the main text.

We prefer flush right margins. However, you are expected to be consistent in this. Roman letters used as part of multi-letter function names should not be italicized. Article Length Because this journal publishes electronically, page limits are not as relevant as they are in the world of print publications.

Tables and Figures To the extent possible, tables and figures should appear in the document near where they are referenced in the text. The hierarchy for ordering the references is: Where possible, it should also be right-justified i.

These should be set off from the surrounding text by additional space above and below. Hence, one might have Smith, Adam: All text should be left-justified i. All tables and figures must fit within 1. Write your article in English unless the journal expressly permits non-English submissions.

References should have margins that are both left and right- justified. Times or closest comparable font available, they should be single spaced, and there should be a footnote separator rule line.

Articles in traditional journals: Font faces Except, possibly, where special symbols are needed, use Times or the closest comparable font available. This said, authors should exercise some discretion with respect to length. Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Arbitration Brief This document provides details on typesetting and layout requirements pertaining to final manuscript submission to Arbitration Brief.

References should appear right after the end of the document, beginning on the last page if possible. Also expressions using many different levels e. For forthcoming in press articles, put expected year of publication and substitute "forthcoming" for the volume and page numbers.

Within the references section, the citations can be formatted as you like, provided i the formatting is consistent and ii each citation begins with the last name of the first author. Longer expressions should appear as display math.WRITING THE GRIEVANCE ARBITRATION BRIEF.

by Timothy D.W. Williams I. INTRODUCTION One authority has defined the brief as “a survey of the potential. Darrel Lewis Mediator & Private Judge. Home; The Judge; Testimonials; ADR Guidance. Preparing For Mediation; Other Forms of ADR; A Mediation Brief; An Arbitration Brief; ADR Guidance > An Arbitration Brief.

7 Tips For Writing A Kick-Ass Brief

ARBITRATION BRIEF Suggested format for an arbitration brief [Attorney Letterhead] (including fax no.) Case No.

Post Hearing Arbitration Brief of the Stamford Education Association December 3, agreement provided that post-hearing briefs would be allowed. Members of the panel must receive them via email on Thursday, December 3,and via overnight delivery the next day.

2 II. IN RE THE ARBITRATION OF JOHN SMITH & JOAN SMITH, Claimants, vs. TUSCAN HOMES, INC. / Case No. ARBITRATION BRIEF Tuscan Homes gives them the new subs’ names on a post-it note and tells them to call the subs in a month or so.

ARBITRATION BRIEF and. Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Arbitration Brief. Write your article in English (unless the journal expressly permits non-English submissions). Submit your manuscript, including tables, figures, appendices, etc., as a single file (Word, RTF, or PDF files are accepted).

The challenge is to provide the Important facts needed by the arbitrator to write a clear opinion favoring your position. Writing the Post-Hearing Arbitration Brief - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 47, No. 4 |

How to write a post arbitration brief
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