How to write a one sentence novel pitch

Get them started and you may have trouble getting them to stop long enough for you to describe your project. No matter how many other cool subplots and themes you have going, the core conflict is the big kahuna driving your story.

One Simple Way to Sharpen Your Pitch

This is actually easier than it sounds. The Golden Compass — Children living in parallel worlds deal with sorcery and shape-shifters. A pitch paragraph is the entire description of the novel and the bulk of your query. Chuck offered great advice for fiction writers.

There are several aspects of screenwriting that are helpful in book writing, and one of those aspects is the creation of a logline. On their site, you can hover over the movie and it brings up a fly out box with a one sometimes two line description about the movie.

His formula has three sentences. Characters — a young woman and her love interest who is a reformed thief. How do you create a hook line? Which sounds more compelling? Pitch using these 6 elements: If they provide evaluation sheets, use them.

Neatness counts when making first impressions. You guys know how valuable I find examples. Our elevator pitch has three components: Be Professional Even if a consultation is held on the beach, it is still a business meeting. Your host introduces you to a literary agent as an author.

If none are available, jot down the name properly spelled!How to write an elevator pitch for your novel Writing is scary – but of all the scary things about it, perhaps the scariest is getting the concept right.

Creating an Irresistible Elevator Pitch

The hard fact is: a lousy concept will kill your novel, no matter how good your actual writing is. A good pitch is not going to mean your book gets published and a bad pitch doesn’t mean your book won’t get published.

At the same time, the one sentence pitch is the core of all the summarizing you’re going to do in the future. The aim is to get them to read the book – to get on to the next level. Our elevator pitch has three components: Blockbuster Concept Killer Logline Short Synopsis of Power Blockbuster Concept.

Part One of the elevator pitch is the Blockbuster Concept: a single short sentence describing what your book is about. Learn how to write a pitch the simple way with these 8 essential steps to a powerful pitch by script-writing expert Michael Hauge, author of Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds: The Guaranteed Way to Get Your Screenplay or Novel Read.

Screenplays are extremely concise – they average around one hundred pages. Being concise means really having to know the infrastructure and outline of a story.

There are several aspects of screenwriting that are helpful in book writing, and one of those aspects is the creation of a logline. A logline is a one sentence synopsis of your story.

Feb 23,  · Writing a one sentence pitch I’d like to think I’ve gotten good at writing a synopsis, not that it doesn’t take me several drafts and advice from my wonderful critique partners. What I find tricky is coming up with a one sentence pitch that explains the premise of my book in a way that makes people say I have to read that Cherie Colyer.

How to write a one sentence novel pitch
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