How to write a capability statement examples

ASBC recommends that all businesses create their own capability statement that should be given to purchasing agents, buyers, and companies with which you desire to do business.

Having a certification does not mean you will get business. A specific description of your products or services should be included. Download What Is a Capability Statement? It should also have specific contact information not the general business number for follow up contacts. Employee personal statementsclearances, and certifications And general company information, including year and state of incorporation.

Any type of certification woman owned small business8aHUB Zone helps differentiate you from other businesses. Finally this should all be on a one page document that is organized into logical sections and easily read. This is mainly for businesses that have set aside or supplier diversity requirements.

Major important clients, commercial or government Business partners and authorized resellers. However, it is worth the time and will lead your business to new heights.

The following are to be included in writing a capability statement. It does mean you will get access to purchasing agents. Business certifications and accreditations state, federal, and local Local, quasi, and non-government your company served.

A capability statement is a business document that records the individual and organizational achievements, competencies, and the business accreditations.

When a company wants to start working with any level of government contractor or large business you need a quick and easy way to introduce yourself.

Large companies and all levels of government purchasing agents need to know what your product codes and NAICS codes are in order for them to put you into their procurement system. This statement analysis will differentiate your business from the competitors helping you increase your branding and provide target audience with specific information about your business that will make them decide to do the business with you.

How to Write Capability Statements Writing a capability statement for your business is not an easy task. Pictures and color are a nice touch and a great way to stand out from the pack.

Summary of the major service your company provided.

How to Write a Capability Statement that Works

Purchasing agents need to know your past performance history in order to make sure you can do the job that the contract is being published to accomplish.

Your business card does not tell the purchasing agent much about your business, the purchasing agent does not have time to go to your web site, and any conversation you have with them is usually too short for a full description of your product or service.

Name of the company, the branding, and slogan if any A brief description of what your company is all about. Give examples of past performance or customers you have performed work for.Examples of Value Propositions P 8 Exercise 1: Developing Your Value Proposition P 9 Exercise 2: Understanding Your Capabilities P 10 Summary of Preparation and Planning P 14 • Practical steps to write a powerful Capability Statement to suit different business purposes.

9 Capability Statement Examples & Samples

Preferably, this Capability Statement is one page, one side Go to two sides only if absolutely necessary Save and distribute as a PDF, not. Have someone from outside your company read your statement and provide feedback, before sharing with customers/potential customers; Be sure to check spelling and grammar; Sample Capability Statement.

See a sample capability statement prepared by the HHS Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization. (Sample) Capability Statement Consulting | Technology | Managed Services Business Consulting, Inc. (BCI) provides strategic consulting technology services and managed services to commercial, not for profit and government organizations.

A Capability Statement should be very brief (only 1 or 2 pages), to the point and written specifically to the individual agency's needs.

Ideally, it is a living document that changes depending on the targeted agency. Give examples of past performance or customers you have performed work for.

These people or businesses will be called like a reference so use ones you want to be contacted. Pictures and color are a nice touch and a great way to stand out from the pack.

How to write a capability statement examples
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