Global mega trends


Demographic changes include aging people or areas with a younger populace. Table Global mega trends contents Combined GDP of G7 vs E7 countries in and Top ten counties worldwide with greatest average annual GDP growth Top ten countries worldwide with highest GDP in Total public debt worldwide, Worldwide wealth distribution by net worth of individuals Forecast of the global middle class population Distribution of global income ranges inby region 2.

Demographic changes, resource limitations and technological advances all drive trends in certain directions. Better transportation meant people could more easily travel to their industrial jobs in cities.

Related content Demographics Higher life expectancy and falling birth rates are increasing the proportion of elderly people across the world, challenging the solvency of social welfare systems, including pensions and healthcare.

Economic power shift Emerging economies are lifting millions out of poverty while also exerting more influence in the global economy.

Resource stress The combined pressures of population growth, economic growth and climate change will place increased stress on essential natural resources including water, food, arable land and energy. Economic interconnectedness The interconnected global economy will see a continued increase in the levels of international trade and capital flows, but unless international conventions can be strengthened, progress and optimum economic benefits may not be realized.

Technological innovations, such as computers, internal combustion engines and power generation facilities, have significantly altered modern countries. Demographic shift Distribution of the global populationby continent Life expectancy in Europe in Life expectancy in Africa in Projected world population distributionby age group Number of children aged globally, to Projected global median age Projected global fertility Projected global life expectancy Projected global infant mortality rate Top 10 countries with the highest median age in Top 10 countries with the lowest median age in Countries with the longest life expectancy among females in and Countries with the longest male life expectancy in and Global population growth from decrease in mortality by regional development Global population growth due to fertility toby of regional development 3.

Rise of the individual Advances in global education, health and technology have helped empower individuals like never before, leading to increased demands for transparency and participation in government and public decision- making.

Resource limitations in certain areas drive industry trends, such as mining operations, oil production, solar collection and hydroelectric power. These changes will continue, and are ushering in a new era in human history in which, bymore people will be middle class than poor.

Climate change Rising greenhouse gas emissions GHGs are causing climate change and driving a complex mix of unpredictable changes to the environment while further taxing the resilience of natural and built systems.

Some regions are also facing the challenge of integrating large youth populations into saturated labor markets. Achieving the right combination of adaptation and mitigation policies will be difficult for most governments. Public debt Public debt is expected to operate as a significant constraint on fiscal and policy options through to and beyond.

Generally, access to resources and growing populations determine how the megatrend of urbanization plays out. It offers information on trends in the global economy, demographic shifts, urbanization, technological advancements, climate change, resource scarcity, future energy production and needs, and geopolitical stability.

Full Answer The driving forces behind megatrends are unique and complex. Advances in construction allowed for taller buildings and better building materials. With a rebalancing of global power, both international institutions and national governments will need a greater focus on maintaining their transparency and inclusiveness.

These issues will place sustainable resource management at the center of government agendas.


Energy Worldwide investment in clean energy Global New investment in renewable energy by region Renewable energy - consumption of the top countries Share of renewables in global power production Renewables: Geopolitical instability Population of people living outside their country of birth, Percentage of people living outside their country of birth worldwide, Global population growth due to migration from toby regional development Refugees and IDPs - worldwide Refugees worldwide New displacements due to armed conflict and violence worldwide Percentage of countries regarded as free, Democracy Index by region Annual count of countries with improved or worsened freedom from to Global EPU Index with monthly PPP GDP for the last year as of August Language: As urban cities grow, trend watchers must plan for various factors, including homelessness, crime, family cohesiveness, services to citizens, energy consumption, infrastructure and sustainability.

One megatrend that changed the United States from the 19th into the 20th centuries was urbanization. This megatrend should continue as developing countries construct more cities.Global mega trends - Get the report with graphs and tables about on! What are the global megatrends?

Future State identifies nine global megatrends that are most salient to the future of governments. While they are highly interrelated, the megatrends can broadly be grouped into trends reflecting changes in the status and expectations of individuals, changes in.

Megatrends Watch Institute is a foresight think tank dedicated to analysing global megatrends and its implications for the future of the world. Megatrends: 5 global shifts changing the way we live and do business. Watch our latest video on the Megatrends as David Lancefield, Partner, PwC, gives an overview on how the Megatrends are shaping business and society today and in the future, and how foresight and tapping into these Megatrends is critical.

World’s Top Global Mega Trends To and Implications to Business, Society and Cultures M82C-MT 1 Definition of Mega Trends That Frost & Sullivan Tracks. This research captures the global pertinent forces of the future that impacts business, society, cultures and personal lives.

These mega trends are macroeconomic forces of development that will define our future world and its increasing pace of change. It.

Global mega trends
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