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This is more or less true of all domesticated non-humans. Laws requiring the stunning of large animals before slaughter reduce carcass damage and worker injuries.

The case against pets

Another option is volunteering at an animal shelter or pet sitting for neighbors or family members who are going on vacation. By keeping pets, we are actually caring for another living thing.

Fish and Wildlife Service, 90 percent of imported green iguanas carry unfamiliar strains of intestinal bacteria. As for those who are concerned that the end of domestication would mean a loss of species diversity, domesticated animals are beings we have created through selective breeding and confinement.

Children play with them. Some critics have claimed that our position concerns only the negative right not to be used as property, and does not address what positive rights animals might have. Your dog is your property. We have to feed and clean them. We call them by Essays on keeping pets names.

According to different estimates, at least one in three reptiles which are among the most popular exotic pets—iguanas, for example is a host for salmonella and shigella bacteria; the overall percentage with salmonella is probably up to 90 percent.

Essay: Benefits of Owning a Pet

A recent study showed that there are more pets than children in American households. Because those bloodsports, by definition, involve no necessity or compulsion that would justify imposing suffering and death on non-human animals. We have a moral obligation to care for those right-holders we have here presently.

Some people teach them different tricks which are utilised as means of income. And, if the slave owner does not prevail substantially all of the time, then there is no longer an institution of slavery. Find Out Your Grade If the previous paragraph did not persuade you, consider the danger of biological contamination.

Almost no one, except perhaps the richest people, can provide a wild animal with all its necessary conditions. There would be no aquaria and no zoos. The examples are numerous.

There are many stories about the courageous acts of dogs.

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About 25 percent of both imported and domestically-bred macaques are reported to have had the herpes B virus. The most important thing is that we recognise the negative right of animals not to be used as property.

Owning a pet serves as a wonderful way to rediscover a sense of purpose. Exotic Animals as Pets. So think about bringing a pet into your life. With respect to domesticated animals, that means that we stop bringing them into existence altogether.

We could put them in a car right now and take them to a shelter where they will be killed if they are not adopted, or we could have them killed by a veterinarian.

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Animals will love you unconditionally unlike some human beings. According to data provided by the U. Nowadays, we are very busy with our personal affairs like work, school and assignments. They accept you just the way you are.

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Experts say that people can get relieve from stress and depression, if they spend time with their pets. They have no rights; we have rights, as property owners, to value them.

They kill all the rats and thus save our food grains from ruin. What if we required everyone to treat their animals the way I treat mine? It costs money to protect animal interests, which means that those interests will, for the most part, be protected only in those situations in which there is an economic benefit in doing so.

Studies have shown that having pets reduce the risk of getting depression.A morally just world would have no pets, no aquaria, no zoos. No fields of sheep, no barns of cows. That’s true animal rights. Free Essays on Keeping Pets.

Get help with your writing. 1 through From many angles, it is proved that animals are our friends. We establish intimacy with them by "keeping them as our pets. Sometimes they are kept in cages.

There are some pet animals who are allowed to stay with us freely. Both, animals and birds can be our pets. Dog is a faithful animal. Probably. Nowadays, more and more people would like to keep a dog or cat or some other kinds of pets. While this does involve some expense in terms of good and medical treatment, there are still many advantages to keeping a pet.

While some animal rights activists do not believe in keeping pets, we can assure you that no one wants to take your dog away from you — as long as you're treating it well. Arguments for Pet Ownership.

Keeping Pets

Furthermore, keeping a pet can also be good for our health. There is evidence that raising or even just stroking pets can reduce blood pressure and stress, and many nursing homes have animals for just this reason.

Essays on keeping pets
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