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Go ahead, watch some media, and get an idea of the language. If you speak English, you can travel anywhere in the world.

As soon as you decide you want to learn, there are thousands of resources on the Internet and in bookstores. If someone wished to peruse a career in the film industry, or had a great passion for films, then speaking English will mean that they no longer have to rely on subtitles and can enjoy the film as it was intended.

Countries where English is either the national language or an official language. Why Learn English Language? Any travel booking site you can find will have English as a booking option. Some people may feel that English Essay on why english is should be the ones to learn another language, which should be considered.

I believe that people should continue to learn the English language as it is spoken in many countries both as a native tongue and as a second language.

You can test it by online travel. Even sites in other languages often give you the option to translate the site. Source Travel and Business With good understanding and communication in English, you can travel around the globe.

As I mentioned above, TV and movies are a great way to practice your English once you start learning. Source Resources Make Learning English Easy Although many people think that it is very difficult and confusing, English is actually the easiest language of the world to learn because there are so many resources available.

Source The Language of Hollywood Everyone knows that Hollywood is in the United States, and that the biggest television and music industries in the world are based there. We would be able to learn a lot about each other cultures and life experiences as we will not have a language barrier.

This is because the English language is based on an alphabet and not signs and symbols. If someone was wishing to move to an English speaking country to work then being bilingual and able to speak English will benefit their career.

I suggest watching as much TV as you can, in English with English subtitles, and you will pick up conversational English in no time. English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world due to the colonial age when Great Britain expanded its empire.

If you want to one day work in the entertainment industry, English is even more essential.Jul 10,  · A discussion of the importance of the English language.

English is also essential to the field of education. In many countries, children are taught and encouraged to learn English as a second killarney10mile.coms: Essay- The Importance of Learning English. Download. Essay- The Importance of Learning English.

Uploaded by. Zaara Qotrunnada. The Importance of Learning English English is a vital language to be learned because English is the International language in the world. People need to learn English for following the globalization era. Why should I study English?

Nowdays, English is very important to learn. It’s now recognized as a universal language. Why should I study English? The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay. Print Reference this. Importance of English: English Language Essay Writing Service Free Essays More English Language Essays Examples of Our.

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Why Learn English Language?

A Global Language English Language Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Crystal D. ( ) claims that ”Why a language becomes a global language has little to do with the number of people who speak it”.

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Essay on why english is
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