Essay on homesickness

New friends are people who are going through exactly the same thing, at the same time, and who share any new interests a person may have. Homesickness is very normal and common.


Most colleges have a health and counseling center that students can attend to get some help with their homesickness. If homesickness is less pronounced, students should write letters home, write in a journal, talk to a friend, or get involved in some activities Hitti. All of these things will quickly homesickness and help the person improve their life!

If a student is feeling especially anxious or depressed, to the point where it is affecting their daily life no energy, do not want to go anywhere, not eating, eating too much, etc.

While it can be serious in some students, it most often passes after awhile. Bibliography Hitti, Miranda Accessed July 15, But a new place allows a chance to become a new person. Being able to pick up new activities is also fun. Admit the losses to yourself and assess the gains.

It is not always easy to overcome the initial feelings of homesickness, which may include loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and longing.

A person who is homesick may internalize their feelings and not take advantage of their new surroundings, and may become depressed, more anxious, lost, and feel as though they are going crazy.

Preparation for leaving before actually moving may help, like spending the night away from home just for one or two days Thurber. The friend who is much more a taker than a giver, and who actually annoys them. Back in the old town or school, a person may have been defined in a particular way — a jock, a cheerleader, a loser.

Students can help homesickness to pass faster by looking at the advantages of homesickness, like making new friends, getting involved in new activities, and reinventing themselves. Being homesick Essay on homesickness easily combated when a person decides to go out and make some new friends, because then the new area seems more familiar, and the person has a new life Homeier.

Questions of acceptance or avoidance in talking about home are symptoms of which to be conscious. Instead of feeling homesick for what was, a person can realize that this is actually a brand new chance to be who they always dreamed of being.

However, to be able to take advantage of any of these positives, a person must have gotten over the negative side of homesickness Homeier.Check out our top Free Essays on Homesickness to help you write your own Essay.

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Homesickness, also called nostalgia, is the feeling of missing being at home, in familiar surroundings. Students who have recently left for college may feel it. Anyone who has recently moved, or who is on vacation (especially away from family) may feel it.

It is very normal to experience homesickness. For many people, homesickness can lead. College Essays; Homesick; Homesick MAG. November 20, By Sheridan_M BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona.

was the cause of my homesickness. But when I return to.

A very good morning to our lecturer and my fellow audience. Today, I would like to deliver a speech on a topic that is “homesickness.” If you’re at university for the .

Essay on homesickness
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