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To fix the problems, the current education administration needs to be truly decentralised to empower schools and local communities. Furthermore, having a room jam packed with 50 students makes it very difficult to circulate around the room and check to make sure everyone can hear and understand whatever lesson it is you are teaching.

Formal education is broken down into pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education and higher education.

What just happened to education in Thailand? | Bangkok Post: learning

The issue of whether Thailand should revise its educational system has been a very big topic. Education at this level copes with thousands of secondary school graduates wishing to continue their further studies. The Section 44 order cannot be reversed until the next government is in power.

Local schools cannot initiate change or even hire their teachers. The disparity is aggravating because rural students cannot compete with their urban peers. Some universities, both public and private, also offer international programmes conducted in English at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

But the incident got me thinking about just how far a little bit of extra money could go to help the school. By giving students an alternative option, you can help take some of the disruptive behavior out of the classroom. Well the reasoning is simple— In the Thai hierarchy system that governs most professional settingsincluding the schools, it is very taboo for an employee to ever question something one of the higher ups does.

A huge amount of discipline and attention to detail is directed towards these matters— assemblies, uniforms, the layout of tests… anything to keep up appearances. Pictofigo Since questioning authority is such a taboo in Thai culture, and since this leads to a damming of new ideas and innovations, I propose setting up an anonymous suggestion box that different teachers, and members of each department can submit their ideas to without fear of being scorned or losing face.

School kids in a rural school. The current education system of Thailand is based on the 6: Rote - learning continues. The Curriculum The development of primary and secondary school curricula is chiefly under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, whereas the higher education is approved by the Ministry of University Affairs.

With an exception of some minority people, all Thais can understand the national language. Subconscious advertising in the hallways? I think the message is pretty clear. So as mentioned earlier, the endless spree of holidays during the second semester in the Thai government schools makes actual student progression very difficult, because almost every week there is an event or holiday that distracts the students from their class work.

Perhaps once a month each department could get together and discuss these suggestions, which would hopefully lead to new ideas and innovations being implemented. Thai tardiness is a serious problem in the schools. The students are consistently late, and hardly ever held accountable.

Test dates, and curriculum deadlines are constantly changing with no notice, and ridiculous new standards are constantly being introduced, for seemingly no reason.

However, an entrance examination is required in order to get into some renowned schools at grades 7 and Rote methods are routinely used when quick memorisation is required.

District, provincial and regional education bosses were appointed by the education permanent secretary. Then the bell rings, and oh, what do you know? As soon as the bell rings and one class finishes, the next class is immediately expected to begin, and there is no time for the students to walk between their classes.

I like to eat cake. As it stands right now, Thai schools pay the exact same low wages they did when I came here five years ago. These are issues that Thai people will need to buckle down and put the work in if they want to see any change.

Most cannot afford a more expensive vocational education.Kachapoom Tanyaluck Professor Modzelewski English 19 May The Failing Thai Education System In developing countries like Thailand, education is perceived as the only way to lift oneself out of poverty, and into the realms of respectability and wealth.

This is the main concern I have in Thailand’s education system that I have found throughout researching the country. Personally in my opinion there is an easy. So why is there so much corruption within Thailand’s education system?

Well the reasoning is simple— In the Thai hierarchy system that governs most professional settings, including the schools, it is very taboo for an employee to ever question something one of the higher ups does. Jun 08,  · Education System in Thailand: A Terrible Failure in S.E.

Asia By Sivarnee | Posted June 8, | Bangkok, Thailand CNN PRODUCER NOTE This iReport is a repost of an essay written by Cassandra James, a British-American teacher in Thailand.

We think that Thai education system is already good, but in fact, it isn’t.

An Essay On Education System in Thailand for Students, and Kids

Thai education system should be reformed. This essay will be mentioning about the problems that Thai education system are facing, which are the lack of teacher supply, social norms, and wrong learning attitude.

The lack of teacher supply is one of the major problems in Thai education system. The current education system of Thailand is based on the model, comprising 6 years of compulsory education, 3 years of lower secondary education and 3 years of upper secondary education.

Based on the Education Act, by the compulsory education will be extended to 9 years.

Essay education system in thailand
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