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It tells the tragic story of Wariinga, a young woman who moves from a rural Kenyan town to the capital, Nairobi, only to be exploited by her boss and later by a corrupt businessman. It reminds me of As I lay Dying by Faulkner in that there are quick changes between characters who are narrating and each character is so different.

The main character, Wariinga, is a Kenyan woman in her mid 20s who has just been fired by Boss Kihara for not sleeping with him. Thanks to this awareness raising, the Devil on the cross wariinga character come to understand the cause to fight for is common, noble and worthwhile to engage in.

Wariinga shut her eyes. Trauma pushes her to think suicide would be a solution to her plight as she notices that her dearest ideal is trampled upon. So immersive, in fact, that I dreamed about it. Devil on the Cross is just incredible.

While imprisoned have recently started reading about Africa and have to admit to being fairly ignorant about most African history and literature. But Wariinga somehow passively watches their process towards the cave to fight against the devil and his followers for she does not find it worth to take active part in the struggle while she has not mastered all the lessons on self-reliance, constancy to purpose, sacrifice, courage and endurance.

What is the point of literature? The Feast goes on until two of the characters get the students, workers and the police to come and take them into custody.

Do not hide your face from at this time of tearsNowreceive me Suddenly Wariinga heard a voice within her: Who has told you that your time is up? This also includes Christianity and western religions which tend to ignore the Earth and destroy the beauty of the world instead of caring for and respecting it.

Devil on the Cross tells the tragic story of Wariinga, a young woman whose parents are arrested and detained while she is still two. Ok- a few months an two research projects on Ngugi later, I can say that this book now holds a place in my personal canon of radical literature.

Form and style interact with context and intent to create a world in which Western capitalism and religion are dissected and rejected and traditional Gikuyu language and belief systems slowly enter the mind like rainwater seeping through the wall of a tent.

As she refuses to offer sex, she is dismissed on Friday morning and her lover John Kimwana, instead of comforting her, rather abandons her the same day, Friday in the evening, as she can no longer earn anything.

Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. The then vice president of Kenya ordered his arrest.

She swallowed a lump, and her heart began to beat as if to the rhythm of a prayer: It was discovered when almost complete but unexpectedly returned to him on his release. Devil on the Cross page 12 Wariinga then decides to journey back home, but not knowing what to do and from where to start.

Fortunately, she is saved by a fantastic character, as this quote shows: She chooses her target and sets up time to shoot at the Old Rich man from Ngorika, mister Gitahi and some of his guests of honour.


But in order to earn her living, Wariinga accepts to pursue her studies and learns typewriting and shorthand.

Devil on the Cross is too powerful an indictment and too thrilling a spiritual call to arms- it incites a disobliging defensiveness in the moneyed classes and a mania of dutiful resistance in the rest of us.

The next day, Saturday, her landlord fires her out after having increased the rent. This old man makes her pregnant and consequently she drops out school and gets deprived from the chance to study, her only key to repay the corrupt society.

Devil on the Cross: Ngugi's Marxist Invitation

The novel was written secretly in prison on the only available material — lavatory paper. What Ngugi does to halt the Kenyan slide into Western-style greed is genius.

The end of the story is not one that I want to give away because it is such a powerful book. Novel number two for my African Lit class. She also has a child by The Rich Old Man who dumped her after finding out she was pregnant with his child and went back to his wife.

This book is a difficult read if one is not willing to take the time to pay attention to the language and logic of each.

An impassioned cry for a Kenya free of dictatorship and for African writers to work in their own local dialects, Devil on the Cross has had a profound influence on Africa and on post-colonial African literature. It is much more dense and yet lush at the same time. Wariinga starts pondering over her misfortune very early and the scary possibility of the end of her studies looms large in her mind to the extent she becomes traumatized.

Devil on the Cross argues quite convincingly—so convincingly that, for a moment, I became a character in the novel, or perhaps Ngugi became the author of my life—that all of us are living within a dream. A city bus came speeding towards her.Devil on the Cross: Wariinga Character Analysis and Development Devil on the Cross by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o is a compelling and curious novel that examines both the physical and mental journey of a young woman, Wariinga.

“le caractère d’une traite d’esclaves déguisée (the nature of a disguised slave trade)”? Labor recruitment for La Réunion at Portuguese Mozambique, - Neocolonialism is a devil. - Independence was a cross.

- Communism is a cross. - Unity is a cross.

Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies

But the title of Ngugi’s novel ‘Devil on the Cross’ draws attention to itself and raises some queries whether the devil he is talking about: is on the cross; - was on the cross; - has been put on the cross; or - should be put on the cross. Brumley 1. Wariinga's Got a Gun: Feminism and Revolution in.

Devil on the Cross. Alone, imprisoned by imperialist forces in a detention camp, held in solitary. Devil on the Cross Wariinga Character analysis Essay Words Nov 28th, 6 Pages Devil on the Cross: Wariinga Character Analysis and Development Devil on the Cross by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o is a compelling and curious novel that examines both the physical and mental journey of a young woman, Wariinga.

Devil on the Cross is just incredible. Form and style January: Novel number two for my African Lit class.

Devil on the Cross

This one is my favorite so far- politically enraged and theatrical, it utilizes magical realist-esque shifts in character and context, jumping in and out of reality and all over the African map/5.

Devil on the cross wariinga character
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