Consumer rights and responsibilities essay

Lastly, a quiet change has been incorporated to redefine the department of civil supplies as consumer affairs, which is what we in the consumer movement have been shouting for a long time. For one, they are responsible for educating themselves about their basic rights as consumers and what they mean in theory and practice.

This principle also allows consumers to seek recourse for any harm or wrongdoing by a company, in a court of law. This guideline also protects against fake or misleading claims about anything from food to supplements.

This will entitle consumers and consumer groups to challenge harmful goods, provided a law says so, like the BVO case when this toxic chemical was banned but continued to be used in soft drinks like Limca, Gold Spot etc. Most warranties and guarantees on goods expire in one year, and manufacturers often drag on many consumers during this period by attending to complaints, instead of setting it right or replacing or refunding the price of the defective goods.

It is the responsibility of a consumer to buy a product after having a thorough knowledge of its price and quality. Collaborative, innovative, proactive and focused on achieving outstanding results. Generally, the sellers often cheat consumer by using unfair weights and measures.

Hence, the duty of consumer is not to be misleading by the attractive advertisements. Consumer Responsibilities Critical Awareness - the responsibility to be more alert and questioning about the price and quality of goods and services we use. The consumer should ensure that he is getting the product of right weight and measure.

These utilities, in the first place, were created as state monopolies ostensibly to protect consumers! The right to a healthy environment -To live and work in an environment which is non-threatening to the well-being of present and future generations.

The right to a healthy environment: Do not give false details or leave out important information. Breastfeeding equipment and counseling to pregnant and nursing women Contraceptive methods and counseling exceptions are made for religious employers and non-profit religious organizations Alternative Names Health care consumer rights; Rights of the health care consumer Images References American Cancer Society website.

Canadian Consumer Handbook - Information about many consumer products and how to complain effectively. He should not] buy from black market and in excess of his requirements. Dedicated to learning, team work and mutual respect.

The government also has a responsibility to protect your rights as a consumer. Health insurance market reforms.CONSUMER RIGHTS AND ITS EXPANSION RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. India has been observing 15 March since as the National Consumers’ Day.

8 Consumer Rights and Responsibilities: How to Be Protected

This day has a historic importance as it was on this day inwhen the Bill for Consumer Rights was moved in the US Congress.

Consumer Responsibilities: T he responsibilities of consumers will be supported by on-going consumer education and awareness programmes from SAMA as well as. Consumers International seek to achieve changes in government policy and corporate behaviour, whilst raising awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities.

Its campaigns often fall under the themes of consumer justice and protection, food policy, digital consumer rights and sustainability.

What are the Important Duties of a Consumer?

The term “consumer rights” is more than just a vague idea. It represents a set of globally recognized protections developed to defend consumers from corporate abuse. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Consumers International

A REPORT ON CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW It will benefit consumers, retailers, business and community. The awareness of the consumer rights, consumer responsibilities and settlement of disputes are the focal issues.

The most important feature of the case study is the. Consumer Right and Responsibilities On 15 March,US President John F.

Kennedy delivered an historic address to the US Congress in which he outlined his vision of consumer rights. This was the first time any politician had formerly set out such principles.

Consumer rights and responsibilities essay
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