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Danny refuses to accept the trophy stating that it is only human beings that matter and not music or the trophy and that "this bloody government has systematically destroyed an entire industry. The band celebrates their victory as Andy and Gloria kiss on the upper deck of an open-topped bus travelling through London, while the rest of the band play Land of Hope and Glory conducted by Danny.

Eventually he attempts suicide by trying Brassed off hang himself, but is taken to the hospital. In contrast to the militancy of —85, the miners put up little resistance.

Before the privatisation of British Coal, a wave of pit closures took place. After they finish, they all switch off their lamps. Andy is bitter about the programme of pit closures and determined to fight on, but he is also realistic about the circumstances and predicts a 4-to-1 majority for closure and redundancy.

The band is made up of miners from whom she must conceal her purpose. She also plays the flugelhornand is allowed to play with the local brass band after playing Concierto de Aranjuez with them. Andy, having lost his tenor horn in a bet, whistles along with his hands in his pockets.

Although the majority of Yorkshire miners observed the year-long strike, a minority broke the strike and were ostracised in their communities as "scabs" thereafter. Although miners had a tradition of fighting for their jobs, the risk of losing the redundancy money on offer by going forwards to privatisation swung the votes in most ballots to be in favour of pit closure and redundancy.

Jim then withdraws the insult and says that Andy is just "stupid". And not just our industry—our communities, our homes, our lives. Rather than referring solely to strikebreakersthe word "scab" can also refer to a traitor and particularly a traitor to the working classwhich is used in the film for cases such as having a relationship with a management employee or going against the recommended line from the trade union.

It is later implied that, of the five miners who make up the main characters, four of them had voted for redundancy and only Andy had voted for the review procedure.

In debt, Phil votes for the redundancy money, which he becomes ashamed of. The National Coal Board arranged private ballots between closing a pit immediately with compulsory redundancies which were relatively generous or taking a pit to a review procedure to determine whether a profit could be made in the private sector where any redundancy money would have probably been much lower.

Many had been in debt ever since the long strike, and were prepared to take redundancy money whilst it was on offer.

Context[ edit ] The film is set ten years after the year-long strike in —85 by the National Union of Mineworkers in Britain. After Gloria sets up a bank account to fund travel to the National Finals, the band is brought back together to compete.

brassed off

In a pub conversation, the other miners are not particularly concerned and feel that Jim is being too harsh on Andy. The loss of hope, pride and fighting spirit in what were previously proud mining communities was the basis for the idea of being "brassed off".

The passionate band conductor, Danny Ormondroyd, finds he is fighting a losing battle to keep the rest of the band members committed. As Danny collapses in the street and is hospitalised, Phil suffers a mental breakdown while entertaining a group of children as part of a harvest festival in a church.

And for a few lousy bob. She renews a Brassed off romance with Andy Barrow, which soon leads to complications. It is later revealed during a confrontation between Gloria and the management of the colliery that the decision to close the colliery had been made two years previously, and that this was to have gone ahead regardless of the findings of her report; the report was simply a public relations exercise to placate the miners and members of the public sympathetic to their plight.

Before departing, Phil leaves a note for Danny saying that they are going to the finals. The film was cited in a thesis at the University of Nottingham to illustrate usage of the word in parts of Britain. He refers to himself as "Coco the scab"—a name that he had been called by a debt collector who he had asked to wait until the redundancy money had come through.

It contrasts with the muted response from the mineworkers, some of whom sang Shut the pit! When Andy says that he should be old enough to make his own decisions, Jim responds with, "Old enough to be a scab then? Danny arrives just in time to see the band win the competition with a stirring rendition of the William Tell Overtureduring which Phil notices his wife and children are in the audience.

The word "scab" has a slightly broader meaning in Britain than in North Americaand this is sometimes used in the film. Whilst the band is playing in the National Semi-Finals, the outcome of the ballot is announced as 4-to-1 in favour of redundancy, as Andy had predicted.from a place or position: at a distance in space or time: from a course: aside used as a function word to indicate physical separation or distance from a position of rest, attachment, or union.

A very special screening of the classic British film 'Brassed Off' closes the Opera North in the City festival on Sunday afternoon with a moving celebration of Yorkshire pluck.

"Brassed Off" is not a "comedy" as the editorial review states; it is a brilliant character study. Acting is superb, led by the sublime Pete Postlethwaite, one of the greats. Yes, there's a boy-girl story, but it's nothing like the DVD cover depicts/5(). Brassed Off drives toward an ending that combines bitterness and high spirits, plus a heavy measure of romanticism.

Like the movie itself, it's an odd mix with a lusty, lingering appeal%. Nov 01,  · Watch video · The coal mine in a northern English village may be closing, which would also mean the end of the miners' brass band/10(K). Brassed Off () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Brassed off
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