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The linear bat speed at the sweet spot is then calculated to be: This will result in a lower BBS.

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Three of these 33" metal bats square data points also have a barrel diameter of 2. As I explained in my introductory article about bat performanceBatted-Ball Speed BBS is the ultimate performance criteria for bats as they are used in the field.

Explaining the BESR Performance Standard for NCAA Baseball Bats

This does not mean that Besr bats NCAA approved non-wood bat hits balls 5-mph faster than wood bats. What the standard does measure is the ratio of the ball exit speed to the combined speeds of the pitched ball and swung bat.

This test method and equipment has no restrictions on its use for research purposes. In fact, of the five metal bats field tested in the Brown University study only one would be legal under the current NCAA performance standards - the bat indicated by the solid black circle. Players who can swing a given bat faster will generate higher Batted-Ball Speeds than a typical player.

Data points on the left of our graph will have higher Batted-Ball Speeds than data points on the right side off the graph.

Pretty well actually Besr bats as long as you remember that the BESR standard assumes a pitched-ball speed of mph and a bat-swig speed of mph. This depends on who you ask. I have a separate article that tackles the question of banning metal bats and safety and it is my scientific opinion that a 5-mph advantage for metal bats does not pose a increased safety risk to baseball players.

Furthermore, this range of laboratory data also agrees with the limited experimental data from field tests as I discuss below. Notice that there is a triangular section above and to the left of the mph contour line representing allowable non-wood bats that will have Batted-Ball Speeds higher than mph.

The moment-of-inertia of a bat is usually measured with respect to a pivot point on the handle, 6-inches from the knob. Alan Nathan has analyzed the bat swing speed data from the Fleisig[5] and Crisco-Greenwald[7] field studies and has fit the data with formulas that can be used to calculate bat speed.

Both ranges are exactly where the charts above predict them to fall. It may be a representative BBS value for wood bats, but this mph value does not represent the maximum hit-ball speed for a wood bat.

This decision is based on field studies which show a direct correlation between the speed with which a baseball bat can be swung and the moment-of-inertia of the bat. Bat swing speed depends on the moment-of-inertia MOI of a bat, with larger MOI bats being more difficult to swing quickly.

Let us know in the comments below. So, BESR did not regulate batted-ball speed. Looking at the left scatter plot for the wood bat, a bat-swing speed of mph corresponds to a maximum BBS of mph.

Instead, it requires that non-wood bats have a ball-exit-speed-ratio BESR equal to or less than the value for a high quality wood bat of the same length. Now, If I take the BESR and MOI values for the inch reference wood bat, assume a pitched-ball speed of mph and use the bat-swing formulas to calculate bat speed for an impact at the sweet spot of a inch bat of a given MOI, then I obtain a calculated value of the batted-ball speed to be mph for this 34" wood bat.

Keeping this elastic property constant, I can change the MOI, recalculate the BESR and construct a constant mph contour line as shown on the graph at right. But the data clearly shows, and the BBS equation agrees, that players who can swing a bat faster can hit balls faster with that bat.Louisville Slugger CBXS Omaha XT Stiff BESR High School Baseball Bat (-3oz.

Drop) Sku: CBXS Orig: $ each Sale: $ each +Free Ground Shipping. BESR is the bat standard that existed before BBCOR.

BESR Baseball Bat

It stood for Ball Exit Speed Ratio. It did not determine the exit speed of bats after they have been worked in and was therefore eventually scrapped for the current BBCOR standard. Explaining the BESR Performance Standard for NCAA Baseball Bats In order for non-wood baseball bats to be eligible for use in high school and college NCAA play, they must be.

As I explained in my introductory article about bat performance, Batted-Ball Speed (BBS) is the ultimate performance criteria for bats as they are used in the field. EASTON BST3 SC STEALTH CNT 31/27 -9 2 3/4 BASEBALL BAT BESR.

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BBCOR Bats vs. BESR Bats

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