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Assumed Knowledge Completion of a cognate undergraduate major or equivalent. Tips for creating your Visualise Your Thesis entry Replace the text in the template by typing or pasting in your own text. Please test your entry before completing it. To test your entry, view your PowerPoint slideshow on a computer at the university that has standard software installed, such as on any student computer in a that you need to log in to.

Following his return to Australia, Ian spent over 30 years as a Defence scientist in Canberra, with a focus on military operations research and analysis.

Acknowledgements included for people, or groups, who helped with your project or entry?

5,000th ANU thesis digitised

Students in this course carry out advanced research on a question of their choice. Or do you need to refine your research question?

In addition, examiners will be requested to write a detailed report as feedback and guidance for the student. Workload A total of hours student learning time, including a minimum of 12 hours contact with the supervisor.

The supervisor is normally only available for email or face-to-face consultation during teaching Anu digital thesis of each semester. Their topic is agreed with their thesis supervisor and approved by their honours convenor. For example, if you have a question that asks for a comparison of two or more case studies, your structure needs to enable you to make that comparison effectively.

If you are a domestic graduate coursework or international student you will be required to pay tuition fees. For more information please contact Research Training.

Indicative Assessment The thesis is the sole piece of assessment for this course; to successfully complete this course, it must demonstrate all learning outcomes for the course LO Indicative Assessment The thesis is the sole piece of assessment for this course; to successfully complete this course, it must demonstrate all learning outcomes for the course LO Students design and implement a project to answer their research question, to place the answer in the context of an intellectual tradition, and to communicate it clearly to others.

Would another structure work? The identity of an examiner Anu digital thesis not be disclosed to the student unless the examiner gives written permission for this to happen. If each of the following two conditions are met, students may include in this course material that has been submitted for assessment in other level courses that are available in the program for which they are enrolled: References included for any resources used to create your entry?

Citations included for any media used or created, including images, audio and video files? Jot down your ideas in relation to each of the points. Their site also has a range of resources about writing a thesis to support you during your programme. Types of thesis There are three common types of thesis documents allowed in the ANU research award rules: During this long career, Ian achieved many noteworthy accomplishments, including representing Defence at a number of international forums, receiving the Morry Frost Award for Military Operations Research in and being posted to the National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada between and Tick the After checkbox.

No embedded online videos, such as YouTube or Vimeo videos or similar? Having an argument map planned out can be helpful for people in both the early and later stages of a research project. Schools may decide whether or not any of the examiners should be external.In Australia the thesis is an extended written piece which reports on the results of a three to four year programme of research (in other countries the writing component is called a 'dissertation').

The thesis should incorporate a summary of the research undertaken during the program. Check out the ANU Digital Thesis Library and find past. » News & events» News» 5,th ANU thesis digitised. 5,th ANU thesis digitised. Celebrating an important milestone in access to ANU theses.

19 July You can find the digital theses, and search and browse to find a wealth of research, in the ANU Library theses collection. Some ANU electronic PhD, MPhil, and Doctorate by Research theses, are available in the ANU Research Digital Theses collection.

Hard copy theses can be requested by ANU and non-ANU users for reading within the Library, but cannot be borrowed. Contribute your digital thesis. ANU graduate Barbara Dawson successfully published a book through the prestigious ANU Press, based on her PhD thesis "In the eye of the beholder: representations of Australian Aborigines in the published works of colonial women writers'.

All ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences Master Advanced programs require the completion of a 24 unit thesis. THES is the thesis course for the following Master (Advanced) programs: Anthropology.

Visualise Your Thesis is an exciting new competition created by the University of Melbourne that challenges graduate researchers to present their research in a 60 second, eye-catching digital display.

Using a pre-supplied template, entrants are tasked with developing a striking looped presentation to encapsulate their research projects in short, engaging, digital narratives.

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Anu digital thesis
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