A comparison of the communist and democratic forms of goverment

However, it is possible to examine the similarities and differences among political and economic systems and categorize different forms of government.

Difference Between Communism and Democracy

Communism believes in creating a classless society where all individuals are equal, and no one is superior to another.

It is not just production but also distribution that remains in the hands of the government so that no one gets more than others. In the world we live in, a democratic government is a potential danger to civilization and at any point in time it could lead to a disaster.

It also dangerous to categorize a nation simply by the moment in time during which they were examined. The world had seen the rise and fall of communism and the cold war era when the world was divided along these two blocks.

Not much to debate here, but oh well. The word communism comes from the Latin word "communis", which means "shared" or "belong to all". While comparing Communism vs Democracy characterisitcs it is essential to consider the benefits and demerits of both the types of governments.

If they contact government in other ways — writing, protesting, phoning — officials must respond. These thinkers believed that unfettered freedom allowed some people to amass resources and wealth that deprived many of their basic needs.

It is the idea of a free society with no division or alienation, where the people are free from oppression and scarcity. Voters must have real choices among candidates who run for public office. There has always been debate over whether democracy or communism is better for people with no clear answer.

In communism, the power is vested in a group of people who decide the course of action. Every citizen would be involved in government, and would take a strong interest in the way that their government works. Communism is a socio economic system that stands for the establishment of a classless, egalitarian and stateless society.

In conclusion, a democratic government has negative aspects and is a defective way to run a country.

Difference between Communism and Democracy

Capitalism assumes that the most deserving person will usually win. However, capitalism allows people to move between classes. This fascinating website by the International Institute of Social History provides images of many propaganda posters from China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union.

This extensive website offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the stock market, with pictures and explanations of how money can work to make even more money.

What is the difference between Democracy and Communism?

13b. Comparing Economic Systems

This is not what democracy is about and it discourages countries from moving along the path to democracy. Some features require RealAudio. Comparison of Communism vs Democracy history tells us how these types of governments have evolved over time.

Types of Government

The Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism Although socialists and communists would scoff at the idea, the Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism argues that laissez-faire capitalism is the only truly moral socio-economic system.

It has political or social equality; a democratic spirit. Nor do they believe that all private property should be eliminated.

The government should exercise the control in the name of the people, at least in the transition between capitalism and communism. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

These representatives go to legislative assemblies and the party having more representatives or having a majority forms the government.Communism vs Democracy Communism and democracy are two different ideologies that have rendered great impact in the world.

Communism can be termed as a socio economic structure that stands for the establishment of a classless, egalitarian and stateless society. # Compare governments and find out the difference between them. Political facts and Government Trivia. Some political facts and government trivia about different types of government are listed below: 1.

The official name for the White House was given in Before that, it was called President's House, executive mansion or President's Palace.

Difference Between Democracy and Communism

2. Communism is an economic system that holds the society and community as the primary interest, whereas democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the social, economic and cultural decisions.

Communist - a system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single Democracy - a form of government in which the supreme power is retained by the people.

Compare different forms of government (direct democracy, representative democracy, socialism, communism, monarchy, oligarchy, autocracy).

13a. Comparing Governments

Democracy and communism are two of the most different, yet important systems of government ever to be set into motion. While total democracy and total communism are not widely spread, the effects of both can be seen in the countries that adopted these forms of government years ago.

A comparison of the communist and democratic forms of goverment
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