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Most Protestants relied on scripture as the ultimate authority in Church matters, while Catholicism held to the twin rules of scripture and tradition--the latter including statements by popes and councils, among other definitive writings such as those by the fathers of the early Church period, which enjoyed the authority of apostolic succession.

Subrahmanyam [] A Vishnu Purana with Dantesque descriptions of the afterlife, and details of Hindu funeral rites. Quoted extracts are very brief--he prefers to paraphrase--but part of the last lecture is what he considers to be a digestible list of the most cogent texts.

But when they become firm, that divine spirit resurrected and that body - which signifies the divine word - arose.

Next follow the practical: This method would also provide a means whereby the people of For those who are interested in learning more, Grant provides ample recommendations for reading and research.

There is also a detailed system of cross-references so that readers can explore related topics in the book, and suggestions for further reading for those who wish to pursue a subject in greater depth. Inspired of God, etc. A broadly helpful look at religious texts from a wide variety of religions.

These sacred writings must, in all ages, St. In the hot and often angry controversies on this subject among us, it will be useful and interesting to see what were the opinions held by those learned and devoted 3 extracts of sacred writings in living, many of them, in the times immediately succeeding the first age of the Faith, when those walked on earth who had seen and conversed with the Lord Jesus.

After some preliminary remarks about the name, extent, and preservation of the sacred books, the separate parts of the present Parsi scriptures will be described in detail, and finally, an attempt will be made to give a short, critical, and historical sketch of this religious literature.

This, however, should not be an overriding consideration. But such a declaration of the inspiration of these writings to Timothy and to those associated with him would seem unnecessary and uncalled for.

They indicate the reality of the presence of the Spirit of Christ and not His bodily resurrection In every lecture, he shares his favorite quotes or stories from a particular text, or how it affected him in some way. Verbal inspiration does not mean mechanical dictation, but all "Scripture is so inspired by God," that everything in it, its narratives, prophecies, citations, the whole—ideas, phrases, and words—are such as He saw fit to be there.

By the 3rd century, two types of lists had emerged. The question is not how God has done it; it is as to the word, not the men who wrote it.

Wilson was one of the first Europeans to translate a Hindu sacred text from the original Sanskrit. Where did Protestants and Catholics disagree on use of the Bible? In the case of teaching literature in which quotations from the Writings appear, these could either be paraphrased or a simple English version could be used with the standard version printed as a footnote.

Of David and of Isaiah he writes in similar terms propheta Isaias divinitus afflatus a spiritu prophetico. Quoted extracts are very brief--he prefers to paraphrase--but part of the last lecture is what he considers to be a digestible list Just what I was hoping for Cohortatio ad Gen tiles, From this use of the denomination Avesta and Zend by the Pahlavi translators, we are fully entitled to conclude that the Zend they mentioned was a commentary on the Avesta already existing before they undertook their translation; and as they considered it sacred, this Zend was probably in the same language as the original Avesta.

There are degrees of revelation in Scripture, but not of inspiration. There never was, nor is, nor can be any error or heresy broached in the world, but there is a sufficient refutation of it in the Scriptures; which may be profitably used for that purpose, as it often has been by Christ and his apostles, and others since in all ages: His view, of the prophetic office is remarkable.

Paul means, "All Scripture is God-inspired and therefore useful"; because we see no utility in any words or portion of it, it does not follow it is not God-inspired. In all my years in academia, I have never heard a professor share something so moving and personal.

Knapp well defines inspiration, "An extraordinary divine agency upon teachers while giving instruction, whether oral or written, by which they were taught how and what they should speak or write" compare 2Sa In South Korea, a new translation makes Baha'i holy writings widely available In Brief: The Korean Bahá’í community has now published a full translation of a major book of the Bahá’í sacred writings, the first such in Korean.


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E. CORNELL. p. 3, Para. 1, [FACTS]. "Their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies sacred Scriptures and sound reason, that the promised happiness of the church on earth will be before the Lord.

Get this from a library! The glad tidings of Baháʼuʼlláh: being extracts from the sacred writings of the Baháʼís. [Baháʼuʼlláh; ʻAbduʼl-Bahá].

The glad tidings of Baháʼuʼlláh : being extracts from the sacred writings of the Baháʼís

The Peace Reading-Book Being a Series of Selections From the Sacred Scriptures, the Early Christian Fathers, and Historians, Philosophers, and Poets, Extracts From the Writings of Erasmus, on the Subject of War by Desiderius Erasmus.

The Works of Robt.

The Sikh Religion

Leighton, D.D. Sacred Text & Writings. Page from Text Question 24 4 27 5 36 2 39 3 44 4 50 4. Use extracts on page 46 & 48 52 5 53 4 Buddhism as a Living Religious System.

Three Jewels BUDDHA showed how to break the bonds of rebirth by accumulating merit through deeds performed. The Sikh Religion Its Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors by Max Arthur Macauliffe Volume 5 of 6.

Extracts From the Writings of Erasmus, on the Subject of War

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Life OF guru gobind singh, the tenth guru guru gobind singh against idolatry A princess's discussion with A brahman extracts from bhai nand lal's writings zafarnama (the guru's epistle .

3 extracts of sacred writings in
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